One of our biggest passions at Decoy Haven is hunting and enjoying the great outdoors.

Something about hunting brings everyone that much closer, friends become family. We love to hunt everything from bear, deer, moose, and small game, but something about hearing a goose honk or a duck quack really gets us excited.

As we got more involved in hunting, we started realizing the lack of hunting supplies in Canada, especially where we are located in Southwestern Ontario.

That’s when we got the idea to start the business. Decoy Haven is available online and in store in Essex,Ontario. We have a variety of suppliers and will continue to add more suppliers as we grow as a business.

When you contact us, you never have to worry about speaking to someone who has no knowledge about our products.

You will always be speaking to someone who uses the products we sell and is also an avid hunter.  Contact us by phone or email and we will return all your inquires as quickly as possible.

We look forward to serving all your hunting needs and would love to hear your feedback.

Make the outdoors yours!


Decoy Haven

Essex Ontario