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The MOJO Line of FATAL SHOT CHOKE Tubes is a result of a partnership between MOJO Outdoors, a company with a long history of raising the bar in hunting and outdoor products and Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks. Roberts has spent a lifetime making shotguns pattern to their highest potential. Using state of the art computerized pattern analysis machines that allows accurate results, plus years of experience in factoring them into getting the optimum performance out of the shotgun, also full line custom shop and building performance guns for major companies all over the world. These chokes are designed to hold patterns longer and produce consistent point of impact. The partnership between MOJO and Roberts brings the ultimate choke tubes for ALL shotgun needs with the following advantages:

• Computerized designed and tested to achieve optimum performance with today’s newly designed shotguns and ammo.
• Better Patterns and Point of Impact PLUS shoots all loads eliminating the need for multiple chokes.
• Non-ported tubes provide consistent point of impact with all loads.
• They are proven to deliver DENSER and MORE UNIFORM patterns at all shotgun ranges PLUS CONSISTENT POINT OF IMPACT.  This means more kills, quicker and cleaner kills, which equals more success in the outdoors.
• Convenient grip for changing chokes without tools.
• Proudly made in the USA from finest 17-4ph Stainless Steel.
• Comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee.
• They are truly a CUSTOM CHOKE at off-the-shelf pricing and convenience.

WATERFOWL CHOKES are available in SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG range to cover all wing shooting to include ducks, geese, dove, quail, pheasant, grouse and other wing birds.

Along with PREDATOR and TURKEY, these 5 Chokes will cover all normal hunting and shooting sports!

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Weight 00.454 kg
Dimensions 22.86 x 2.54 x 10.16 cm
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Waterfowl Short, Waterfowl Medium, Waterfowl Long, Predator, Turkey