ICE Blaster 12V (35′ Cord w Stand)


Never let cold weather and ice covered water cut your Duck and Goose season short again. Higdon’s Ice Blaster will extend your hunting season and allow you to kill more birds while other hunters can only wish they were out hunting. Using a powerful, 12V DC powered motor, the Ice Blaster can clear up to 2,000 ft.2 of open water (de-pendent on conditions), even in remote areas where power is not available. The efficient design allows for up to 5 1/2 hours of operation on a 100 amp hr. deep cycle marine battery. The compact, lightweight design includes four 12” metal legs that can easily be adjusted for angle and collapse for portability. The built-in handle makes transporting to your favorite honey-hole fast and easy. The powerful, 275 watt motor provides fast clearing of the ice and can work in as little as 2’ of water. Built with a rugged design, stainless steel prop guard, long life brushes, and a 35’ rubber power cord with alliga-tor clips and ON/OFF toggle, the Ice Blaster will have you hunting in no time. Once the ice is cleared, the Ice Blaster can be used to create water movement and bring decoys to life, attracting more waterfowl. Your Ice Blaster is not limited for just cold, iced-up conditions. Run your Ice Blaster during those really still days to create surface-ripple and much-needed decoy movement. Don’t let your season be at the mercy of Mother Nature another year. Get an Ice Blaster and be ready for whatever weather comes your way.

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