Impulse AA, Stealth (Acrylic / Acrylic Toneboard)


This single reed mallard duck call is designed for maximum volume and performance. It can reach out and break the highest ducks, yet still have that sweet talking low end to finish birds that last 15 yards to your spread. Its unique, self-aligning toneboard and wedge coupled with a PreciseFit reed, ensure a perfectly aligned reed with no need to replace worn-out corks.

Product DNA Structure

: Machined CNC Acrylic Body Coloration

: Stealth Black Core Guts: Acrylic Impulse Toneboard Reed

: Engineered Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mylar PreciseFit Single Reed Packaging

: Watertight Hard Protective Case

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Dimensions 20.3 x 8.9 x 3.8 cm