Spark AA, Stealth (Acrylic / Acrylic S Toneboard)


This “Big Bore” Specklebelly Goose call is designed to have the full range and volume of a Specklebelly Goose while maintaining user-friendly operation with its built-in back pressure. The internal gut system includes a tone channel like no other! Hours of research and development as well as multiple 3D printed samples went into the design of this revolutionary internal system. Our “Air Control System” incorporates a baffle built into the tone channel so you can insure that every ounce of effort you put into this call will be transferred into sound. What you get as a result are loud ear-piercing yodels, soft clucks and murmurs with ease.

Product DNA Structure

: Machined CNC Acrylic Body Coloration: Stealth Black Core Guts

: Acrylic Speck Toneboard Reed

: Engineered Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mylar Speck Reed Packaging

: Watertight Hard Protective Cas

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Dimensions 20.3 x 8.9 x 3.8 cm